Premium, Nutrient-Dense, Highly absorbable Suplements, Made by Nature, Backed by Science. 

Gut Microbiome Testing + Personalised Programs.


Daily rituals are what really matter. The September Project is your healthy habits cheerleader and your balancing best friend. We fuse holistic wisdom with modern science, healing your gut and nourishing your unique body.

Bye quick fixes, hello consistency. Plant-Based Wholefood Supplements.

Our Process

Synthetics aren’t our thing. We choose nature and back it up with science. Our supplements are high-potency superfoods, perfectly fuelling your body and helping you reach the most vibrant version of you. We believe in preventative solutions and offer personalised integrative nutrition coaching to help you future-proof your body and mind. No matter your story, it’s never too late to make a commitment to yourself.

“Working with The September Project takes you on a journey and allows you to discover and unleash your mind, body and soul.” - TSP community member

Empowering you to live a happy, healthy and meaningful life. The September Project is a way of life, a commitment to yourself, and a promise to always try again.

Meet Our Founder

Kate Sherriff is our backbone, our heart and soul. She’s our Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and our driving force to choose ourselves, every step of the way. After six long years battling cancer, September is much more than a month for Kate. It’s her symbol of hope, her fresh start, her six difficult winters dawning into hopeful springs. She started The September Project as a celebration of perseverance, a reminder that you are always stronger than you think. 

Keep the promises you make. Step into a new you.

Read our blog. Get inspired.

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Nourish your body, change your life.

Take a look at our favourite recipes.

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