Book a Consultation

Free 15-Minute Discovery Call  (15 minutes $ FREE) 
This is a free session, for you to have a quick discussion with the practitioner, ask them any questions you have and address any concerns. This also helps you to understand how they can offer you support and if they are the right fit for your health goals.

1 hour Consultation: Initial Appointment  
(1 hour $139.00)
For all new patients please make a booking here, for the 60minute consultation. During this appointment, we will also discuss any further Functional testing required to give you what you need for your individual circumstances and requirements to support your health goals.

Return Consultation  (30mins $99.00)
Please make booking here for your follow up appointment to revise any functional testing results and for treatment plans. This also gives the practitioner the opportunity for any ongoing support required, any further testing in addition to the initial tests or further support to help the patient achieve their health goals.

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