Elimination & Detoxification

cleanse detox and eliminate


  • Fluid retention 
  • Skin breakouts and congestion 
  • Sore, red, or stinging eyes 
  • Waking consistently between 2-  4am 
  • Especially waking hot 
  • Lumpy breasts that swell with  your cycle 
  • PMS 
  • Feeling like you could eat your  arm off
  • Craving only coffee in the  morning 
  • Digestive problems eg. constipation and IBS 
  • Increase in body fat 
  • Cellulite 
  • Poor energy 
  • Short temper 
  • Easily angered



Detoxification is the process by which the body eliminates toxins from its cells. These toxins exist everywhere and can lead to health problems, drain the body of energy, and make your body more susceptible to disease and infection. Toxins concentrate in the brain, liver, and digestive tract. Since everyone is exposed to toxins in one form or another, it is most beneficial for the human body to detox on a periodic basis.

  • Phase I and phase II enzyme systems
  • Antioxidant defense mechanism 
  • Recycling of cholesterol and estrogen

What interferes with liver function?

  • Alcohol 
  • Caffeine 
  • Synthetic substances e.g medication, pesticides
  • Trans fats
  • Refined sugar
  • Infection; eg. viruses


  • Source Caffeine  (average mg/cup)
  • Plunger coffee (French press) 120
  • Espresso 80
  • Instant 60
  • Tea 50
  • Green tea 30
  • White tea (from the white tea bush) 5
  • Decaf 2-5
  • Cola (330ml can) 35
  • Diet cola (330ml can) 45
  • “Energy” drink (350ml bottle) 109
  • Dark chocolate (30g) 20

1 standard drink = 10 grams alcohol

  • 1 bottle 4% beer
  • 30ml nip spirits
  • 170ml bubbles
  • 100ml wine

Current Heart Foundation “recommendations”:
Men: 4 standard drinks per day + 2 AFD’s/week
Women: 2 standard drinks per day + 2 AFD’s/weekBe honest with yourself  about how caffeine and  alcohol affect you. If you drink alcohol every  day it is too much

Support Elimination & Detoxification

  • Digestive health
  • Decrease “liver loaders”
  • Increase nutrient density
  • Real food: also about what you’re not eating,  like processed foods.

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