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6-Month Reclaim Your Health

6-Month Reclaim Your Health

Here’s How It Works

A 6-month program to reclaim your health.

This program is designed to get you results and I’m here to help you turn inspiration into Action.

In this programme, you will be stepping into your new, clean life – and you’ll walk away with the tools to maintain it.

There is an Interconnection with cravings and emotions.

People crave food. I came to realise, the body doesn’t make mistakes. The heart doesn’t skip a beat, your lungs never forget to breathe, when it gets dark outside, your eyes open up so you can see more clearly. It’s like a bio computer that is perfectly program to carry us through life. So it’s doubtful that that computer system is making a mistake around the cravings.

On the contrary, I would say those cravings are a wakeup call that something in life is out of balance. Sometimes people crave because of an inappropriate diet like too much salt, or not enough protein, missing vitamins and or minerals due to lack of wholefoods.

And sometimes it’s the lifestyle that’s inappropriate. We call this Primary Food. Primary Food feeds us, But it doesn’t come on a plate. Primary food includes elements such as a meaningful spiritual practice, an inspiring career, regular and enjoyable physical activity, and honest and open relationships that feed your soul and your hunger for living.

For many people, they crave food, because they are rewarding themselves at the end of the day, where they have not been so kind to themselves during the day. A lot of times, we find with clients, if they are overeating or binging, that that exact same person, would not do that, if they had someone who was in their life or in their space at that point in time, that would be there for them and give them a hug.

So in our minds, cravings are a signal from the body, about how you can improve your diet or lifestyle, to be more in sync with what you actually need.

Yes, food is really really important, it’s what creates our cells, our tissues, our blood, our organs, our skin, our hair, our thoughts, our feelings, and our future, that’s really important. But its also important, we look at the area of primary food.

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