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Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Here’s How It Works

The September Project provides a selection of exclusive integrative laboratory tests in conjunction with our existing health protocols to support and analyze our patient’s nutritional requirements. We specialise in tests that are designed to assist our patients in identifying the underlying cause of illness, as well as providing tools for the prevention of disease and premature aging.

We are proactively involved in providing a wide array of services and testing to our customers. With over 100 comprehensive tests available, they fall under the following main categories.

NutriPATH (Gut + Microbiome)
DUTCH Test (Hormone Profiling – Female & Male)
Fitgenes (DNA Testing)
Adrenal Fatigue Testing
Saliva Cortisol (Stress and Neurotransmitter Profiling)
Alcat Testing (Allergy/Food Sensitivities Testing)
Macro & Micronutrient Deficiencies or Excesses.

Assessments investigate endocrine, gastrointestinal, immunological, metabolic, and nutritional balance.

After you have booked in for your consultation, our Integrative Nutrition Coach will discuss test selection, interpretation, and treatment considerations.

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